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Eternal Bliss Yoga Center Instructors

The instructors at Eternal Bliss Yoga Center bring varied backgrounds to their teachings.  Read more details below.

Harland J. Becker, Owner & Instructor

Owner Harland JThis is Harland J Becker, but he doesn't want you to remember his name, he wants you to remember his message. That message is one of hope, peace, and love! Harland came from the wrong end of the awakened spectrum. For a while Harland seemed to drift along, totally lost, making mistake after mistake. Looking back now, he recognized that all these mistakes and lost years were part of the journey. And thanks to some divine inspiration in 2010 he was called to serve, he was called to Yoga. Originally a barber's apprentice, and not for love of hair, but for love of connecting to his fellow man. When Harland was blessed by this divine inspiration, he knew Yoga was a better connection to all of humanity and could help on a grander scale than just talking to people. He knew better than to toss aside such a feeling of purpose and truth so he decided to abandon the barbering path and grab a mat. He had such faith in this calling that before he even unrolled and stepped on a mat, he was taking his first certification.

Without being able to afford a traditional Yoga training, Harland took just a basic online certification and hit the books. Knowing that this wouldn't be enough, he did what he could do to grow. In 2013, with the impending birth of his son and a need for his own space, Harland wanted to get a little more serious about his yoga practice and teaching, so he enrolled in the Open Sky Essential Teacher Training with Francois. With his "training" complete and after more workshops and continued education in the Yogic Arts, the Divine blessed him with an opportunity to have a space of his own. A concrete garage and no bathroom certainly didn't look like home, but once again when you are given a gift from the universe so you don't turn it down. In a little over a year that bare, cold garage turned into a palace of peace (with working bathroom). In the fall of 2015, the Eternal Bliss Yoga Center officially opened.

Harland's style of Yoga is simple. He wants you to feel better; he wants you to move better; he wants you to be more aware and awake. His style is for all of humanity. He's not in it for the money; he's not in it for the fame. He's in it for peace; he's in it for love. He's here to shine a light for the lost and the broken. Yoga has brought Harland towards the light and began to make him more whole. Nothing is perfect and we don't pretend to be, but he's dedicated his life to that process. And he wants to share this peace with you.

Emily Kilkenny, InstructorInstructor Emily

Emily was first introduced to yoga through ballet in 2004. The experience gave her a previously undiscovered sense of presence and ease and planted a seed for continued yoga practice. Over time, her passion for yoga grew, and she obtained her 200-hour RYT designation in October 2015.

Emily enjoys crafting each yoga class; to her, it is like an art. She elegantly weaves clarity of instructing poses with poetic language and meaningful themes. Much of her inspiration comes from music, past teaching, life experiences, and present themes in her own life that seem to keep resurfacing. Emily's teaching encourages self-reflection, mindfulness, and compassion. Her classes also make use of hands-on assists (providing her clients with a deepening/lengthening benefit) and/or light massage while in yoga poses.

During the day, Emily is an instructor at Cobblestone Arts Center in Victor, where she teaches both music and yoga. When she’s not teaching you might find her reading, running, or performing jazz around town with her group, Em K Jazz.  Learn more about Emily on her web site, emilyakilkenny.wixsite.com/yoga.

Beth Cholette, Instructor

Instructor Beth

In both her professional and her personal life, Beth is committed to a holistic model of health, and yoga has come to play a larger and larger role. Beth was first introduced to yoga in 2001 via a home practice with videos. Today, she enjoys sampling the many different Rochester yoga studios and variety of teacher styles.  In 2015, Beth completed a 200-hour teacher-training program with Aimee Senise Conners.  She is now a registered yoga teacher (RYT-200) with Yoga Alliance as well as a certified restorative yoga instructor.  Beth has also completed Yoga Ed's Professional Institute I & II for teaching yoga to children and teens.

Beth's 20+ years of experience as a practicing clinical psychologist inform her yoga teaching.  Both Beth's therapy and her yoga teaching are person-centered, and she is dedicated to making the benefits of yoga accessible to all.  Her classes focus on the individual and incorporate not only asana (postures) but also breathing, meditation, and yogic philosophy.  She uses themes to increase the connection between mind and body, and she hopes that her students leave class having learned something that will impact their lives both on and off the mat.

When she's not teaching or practicing yoga, Beth engages in a variety of additional fitness activities, including strength training, kickboxing, and kettlebells. She is also an avid reader and spends quite a bit of time writing reviews of books, fitness DVDs, and other products.   Learn more about Beth on her web site, yogibethc.simplesite.com or follow her on Facebook and Instagram as YogiBethC.

Sisi Chen, Instructor

Sisi's experience as a school and community counselor informs her "tuning in" yoga teaching style, emphasizing the importance of self-care and finding ways to relax into your own yoga practice. She aims to create a nurturing class community, holding space for all levels of yogis to explore their mind, body, and soul needs as they spend time on their mats.Sisi Chen

Sisi completed her 200-hour teacher-training program with Aimee Senise Conners, and she is a registered yoga teacher (RYT-200) with Yoga Alliance. She has also obtained her Reiki Level I degree in the Usui Reiki Method of Natural Healing with Stephanie Campanella, Reiki Master Teacher. She is always willing to offer Reiki healing for those who have a curiosity and interest in this practice. Her classes may also incorporate different Chakra informed themes and poses. 

Off the mat, Sisi is passionate about practicing and sharing holistic health and healing with diverse populations. She is an advocate for bringing yoga, Reiki, counseling, and plant-based nutritional information to "at-risk" communities in Rochester, NY. She is a full-time food enthusiast who also enjoys live music, dancing, traveling, and most of all, Savasana! 

Eva Hyatt, Instructor

Eva HyattEva discovered her love for yoga in 2012 after moving from her native Western New York to Oxford, MS, and she was hooked from the first moment she stepped on the mat. This deep passion and commitment led her to complete her 200 hour certification in vinyasa flow yoga in April 2014, from Southern Star Yoga Center (RYS). Eva is registered with Yoga Alliance.

Eva believes the transformation that takes place not only physically, but also mentally, spiritually, and emotionally, is an amazing journey that everyone will experience over time through their yoga practice. Eva places emphasis on the breath, which is key to bringing the body, mind, and spirit in union as one. Because of this simple but crucial part of yoga, everyone can make yoga a part of their life. She hopes to see you on the mat!

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