Sorry to announce that there is no Mother's Day class this year. We wish all the moms out there a Happy Mothers day.


"We begin where we are and how we are, and whatever happens, happens."

T.K.V. Desikacher, The Heart of Yoga

Yoga Mats

Want to read TRUTH and UNDERSTANDING of what this is all about? Read OPTION 1 below.

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Option 1

Hi, since you're reading this, hopefully, that means you're interested in practicing Yoga. Welcome. Whether you're looking to try yoga for the very first time, or just looking to continue some kind of life long practice with us, there's a space for you. And that's pretty rad, a space of your own, to do whatever you want; it's your rectangle. See, there are many reasons to practice, we all have a WHY, a WHY we practice. There's never a wrong answer. When you step on your mat, focus on what YOU need. If you want to work on the physical body and try to keep strong and flexible, hey, we live in these bodies, we might as well have them running optimally. Maybe this is your one chance to destress, get a little peace and quiet, by all means, get you some! This could be a time of prayer, reflection, meditation, redemption, no better place for that than right here. Yoga is quite special if you can give it some time, and a little bit of regular practice, something great can occur. Do you want to feel better? Are you willing to give it a chance? Are you willing to do something different? I was. I did. I'm eternally grateful.

Hope to see you soon. 

Please, with all hope and sincerity, Show Up. You'll be fine.

Peace and Love,
Harland J and the Eternal Bliss Yoga Center

Option 2

What It Is:
Eternal Bliss Yoga Center, a yoga studio offering a wide variety of yoga classes suitable for all ages and abilities. It is mindful movement, breathing, and feelings. 

Who It Is For:
Everybody and Every Body (you see what I did there).

Where It Is:
120 Mushroom Blvd, Henrietta, NY 14623. The studio is located off Clay Road, between Jefferson and Brighton-Henrietta Townline Roads (see map). Location Map

See Classes and Pricing page.

Because you deserve to feel good. You deserve to live a full life. 

How Much:
$10 or $8; see the Classes and Pricing page for details. BUT, when you come to the studio, ask how you can get a FREE class.

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